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Fitness Success Story For Nick From Thessaloniki

Primary GoalMuscle Gain
Accomplishment:Not only did that wonderful journey change my body, but my inner self as well.
Weight64 kgs72.3 kgs

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Fitness Success Story For Abe From Oklahoma

Primary GoalFat Loss
Accomplishment:I grew as a person and with that my exterior followed. New philosophy, new body.
Weight220 lbs165 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Derek From NY

Primary GoalMuscle Gain
Accomplishment:I was finally able to gain pounds of muscle after years of trial and error.
Weight155 lbs180 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Damien From Rhone

Primary GoalFat Loss
Accomplishment:My sucess comes in my weight loss and how big of an improvment it had on my quality of life.
Weight194 lbs143 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Robert From Botosani

Primary GoalMuscle Gain
Accomplishment:My muscle gain success story . All thanks to Scoobysworkshop the best coach . You are the best !
Weight62 kgs80 kgs

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Fitness Success Story For Bekim From Deutschland

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:Wrong habits of eating just did let my self go and was not able to do 1push up and one chinup I even was not able to run for 1km
Weight127 kgs102 kgs

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Fitness Success Story For Dropweightdaddy From Virginia

Primary GoalImproving Health
Accomplishment:Obese man over 38 years old man weighting 340 lbs with 40% body-fat dropped to 212 lbs with 16% body-fat.
Weight340 lbs212 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Matt From CA

Primary GoalFat Loss
Accomplishment:Fat since aged 12. Hit a crossroads in life and made a firm decision to change. And I did.. A long journey that never ends...
Weight240 lbs168 lbs

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