Fitness Success Story - Jcgadfly From Indiana

Fitness Success Story For Jcgadfly From Indiana

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Height69 inches
Primary GoalImproving Health
Date05/26/2014 08/29/2016
Weight350 lbs175 lbs
Accomplishment:At the time of the after picture I had lost 175 pounds and was half the man I once was :). Still training and maintaining.
Full Story:Mu current goals are to stay healthy for my new grandkid, keep good blood work and stay between 170-180 pounds. If I can keep my sanity also, so much the better. I like to compare it to a prizefighter with a title belt. Getting the belt is easy - keeping it is hard.

MY lifting program is the basic Wendler's 5/3/1 four days a week. This takes me roughly 60-80 minutes because 1. I want to take my time and be safe. and 2. I use the gym at the university where I work and it can get crowded. I also do cardio 5 times a week (4x/week after my lifting session for 30 minutes with a 90-120 minute day where I only do cardio once a week). I also don't own a car so walking is pretty much how I get around.

My main challenges currently are mental. I still see the fat guy in my head and he keeps trying to distract and break me. He keeps telling me I'm not good enough. I keep trying not to listen but sometimes I slip and I eat more than I should. Then I have to fight that much harder to get back in line.

I'm happy with my results I like how I look in the mirror. My wife likes what she sees (and started losing weight when she saw my success). I've had several people not recognize me when they saw me (yes I enjoyed that).

All I can really tell someone else is that it's amarathon and not a sprint. You took a long time to put the weight on. You'll need a long time to take it off. I had pharmacolgical help from my endocrinologist (I don't have a thyroid). If you need to go under a doctor's care for your weight loss - do it. Your health is more important than your ego. The drugs don't mean you don't have to diet and exercise. My endocrinologist is the guy who told me to go the gym four times a week.

Also, find a support group that can encourage you and keep you accountable. Both sides of that coin are important.

Take care and keep swinging. You only have one you - keep it around for as long as you can.

Jeff (jcgadfly)

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