Fitness Success Story - Oscar From Stockholm

Fitness Success Story For Oscar From Stockholm

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Height177 cm
Primary GoalImproving Health
Date05/12/2014 05/22/2016
Weight85 kgs73 kgs
Accomplishment:Started small, removing soda. Moved onto consistantly training. Today it's amongst the best decisions I have made.
Full Story:I never saw myself as the fat guy as I had previously been in an OK state bodywise, not too thin, not too fat nor too ripped, just normal. But for some reason I started gaining a lot of weight when I was 16 & 17, I drank Cola daily and ate what ever I got served or found at home, so basically it consisted of a whole lot of junk.

At the new years between 2014/15 I made a resoloution for myself. I am going to cut the soda out of my diet. This is something I still today stick to, I can't even remember how cola tastes.
The first weeks were quite the struggle for me because I always had Coke at home, but I managed to stay off it. I didn't notice anything myself but I started loosing a bit of weight, and by march of 2015 I got my Gym-membership card.

I went with my twin-brother (who was my inspiration and motivator, because he had recently lost weight and looked better than me.) he showed me the ropes around the gym there and we worked out together casually on the machines and did some cardio etc. I made some results and lost quite a bit of fat.

I knew about most of the fitness-youtubers as I had always been interested in sports & fitness. I chose to follow Scoobys custom workout plan and I have used it for just about over 12 months. (Recently changed to a bodyweight training program because I want to progress further there.)

The program made really focused on cardio and some basic bodybuilding exercises.
The hardest challenge for me was the every day of either minimum of 20 minutes running/biking as I wasn't used to it. I tried running every single day for a minimum of 20 minutes over a month but it caught up to me as I never was able to fully recover my soreness. And till this day I still can do better cardio-wise for faster fat-loss results. I run casually now for a minimum of 20 minutes 1-2 times a week, I have biked a few times to the gym lately and just today I walked there instead of taking the bus. (Took me about 35-40 minutes of semi-intense walking)
I also decided to change up the exercises after about 7 months into it and tried some new ones comparing them to the older ones just to mix it up.

Today I am very happy with the change I've made so far with my body and my focus from now on will be bodyweight strength as I am now in a good bodyweight for it compared to my strength, 72-74kg.

And my advice to anyone thinking about starting. Just do it.
Focus on some main things though and they are:
Nutrition - Cut out the unnecessary, no need for drastic changes in what you eat as long as it is proper food. Skip soda if that's something you drink on a daily basis.
Consistency - Make sure you train consistantly, 3 times a week is recommended but even 2 will do the trick if you're just starting out!
Sleep - People can't stress it enough, get enough of sleep to recover faster and help your own body. 6-8 Hours should be the average ammount of sleep you get.
Progression - This is something I learned late, check your progress, track your training, compare your old results to the new ones for insane motivation. Do the same with pictures, and I tried sharing them and it got amazing positive response so that might be for you aswell!

Finally, use full range of motion!!
When it comes to doing a exercise, do it properly. Drop all ego-related thougts and make sure you don't cheat yourself, all of these tips are great for the fastest and most effective training.

P.S don't forget to have fun. My fitness journey has just begun.

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