Fitness Success Story - Taznold From DE

Fitness Success Story For Taznold From DE

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Height182 cm
Primary GoalFat Loss
Date04/10/2015 09/01/2016
Weight115 kgs80 kgs
Accomplishment:Overcoming a immune system disease , Finding motivation with aid of my friend , and finally starting to workout.
Full Story:Hello , I am Tazo Tsintsadze from Georgia(country) and i want to tell you the motivation behind my transformation and how did i become obese in the first place .
At the age of thirteen because of immune system dysfunction i was hospitalized for one year , the main symptoms were General weakness , near non-existing immune system , and blood formula being disordered , for this one year i had to skip school , never go out(There was high risk of making my condition worse because of immune system not working) during this time i only saw my parents and doctors , But finally with the help of doctors i was cured , The down side was i was left obese. sad thing is after getting better i never even tried to fix my eating habits or start exercising , i was gaining more and more weight each month till i reached the point where even getting out of bed became hard , my parents decided to take me to the doctor who said i must lose weight because my heart was not looking good but i didn't listen , Soon after i met my friend in-game who was extremely fit , i remember asking him ' How does he play video games and yet stay in shape ' To this this i remember him saying that he was working out and following a healthy diet and that was when he offered me if i wanted to workout with him to what i said yes later that month i had enrolled in the local gym , he was my supervisor told and showed me everything he knew i was finally on the right track the progress was there i was feeling better physically and morally , At first i though more the better but i found myself over-training so i decided to follow a pre-made workout routine from and giving the programs a slight twist so it would work better for me , during 1 year of me working out i have never encountered any challenges because i always found enough time to eat right and workout , my advice to others would be never give up sometimes you might hit a slight plateau so don't be afraid !

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