Fitness Success Story - Eoin From Manama

Fitness Success Story For Eoin From Manama

Height73 inches
Progress DocumentationProgress Diary 1
Progress Diary 2
Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Contest CategoryCash prize category
Date01/01/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY)12/15/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Weight12.5 stone12.9 stone
Accomplishment:I managed to improve my strength and FFMI considerably in one year. I also learned a huge amount about health and nutrition. Success!
Full Story:Looking back at my original goals now.... my biggest success this year was learning how I want to eat for the rest of my life. My diet and life were mostly improved by this change I think. Although it was a lot of trial and error! I think the best piece of advice I have for people is to just eat real food which you find naturally in nature. Eat until you are satisfied and be content to take several years to achieve your goals. By doing this I've found that calorie counting is unnecessary for me. I enjoy my meals a lot more now and hate the taste of processed food. Long live meat and veggies followed by fruit/nuts for dessert!

In regards to exercise, I think I may be the only person here who used calisthenics for most of the year. I did weights for 2 months before switching to bodyweight exercises only. I found that is was easier to avoid injuries this way, and that overall exercise itself was a lot more fun. However I found that I was still working too hard, and just this month I decided to go back to basics for 2015 by starting the Convict Conditioning program. It's only 2 workouts a week, but I find that it is working quite well for my now. I achieved my goals of doing 10 consecutive pull ups earlier in the year and almost managed pistol squats also. I guess they'll wait till next year :)

So to summarise, I now eat 1000 times better than a year ago. I also understand food/exercises 2000 times better. I gained around a stone of muscle, mostly in my lats, shoulder and quads. Currently I am working towards slow and steady progress next year, I will stick with my current program and make performance my main goals next year, no rush!

The main thing I've learned (and that I would stress to everyone else) is that fitness is a marathon, NOT a sprint. Take your time, enjoy the view, and you'll have it as your friend for life. Good luck everyone!

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