Fitness Success Story - Sterling From Texas

Fitness Success Story For Sterling From Texas

Height72 inches
Progress DocumentationProgress Diary 1
Progress Diary 2
Primary GoalFat Loss
Contest CategoryCash prize category
Date01/01/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY)12/13/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Weight212 lbs152.5 lbs
Accomplishment:going from the average American to the not so average American and changing my life forever
Full Story:Greetings, this adventure/struggle actually started 10 Yrs ago when i dislocated my left Knee. i have always been a active person and was able to keep my weight within reason but one day at work i was wrestling a 500lb hole opener bit and managed to dislocate my left knee. In turn tore my meniscus which the Dr had to remove 75% of :(. I even worked on the rig for 4 months before i could get the procedure done. After the surgery i was laid up for about a month. back then i didn't know much about nutrition nor even thought about it, naturally i had been keeping my weight down from the hard work at my job. Since i went from active to a solid laying on the couch nonactive person after the surgery i didn't change my eating habits to compensate my lack of cardio ect... and with my new wife of just a month was working hard to take care of me buy making some very tasty home made tortillas and other good ol home cooked meals. i was gaining fat buy the bucket loads without knowing till one day i realized i had gone from 180 lbs to 255 lbs. in the past 10 yrs iv struggled to lose this added body fat trying tons of fad diets from weight watchers to the popcorn diet. losing fat felt like a losing battle but i did not give up. Two years after my surgery i had gotten enough strength in my knee to start doing a martial art called kyushinryuaikijujiu my thinking was by doing that i could lose some weight"fat" and learn some self defense in the process. the years trudged on and i wasn't losing any weight it was very frustrating. I am a book collector and one day i was browsing some books at Hastings books and music and i ran across a book called the Abs Diet by mens health magazine. and it had a simple plan to follow to lose weigh and get the impossible 6 pack abs. so i bought it and started following its info which wasn't that difficult to do. and within a year i was able to get down to 225 lbs and eventually down to 200lbs and thats where i hit a brick wall on weightloss. as the years trudged on i got lazy on my eating and started gaining the fat back i reached 220 again. fed up i started researching fitness and nutrition on the internet. still not really understanding on what to do. so i was able to maintain my weight around 220 for the past few years. I have been exercising off and on these past years with no progress. so in 2013 i decided i needed to get stronger and healthier for my family and my job since im self employed drilling waterwells with my father its only him and I doing all the work and he is getting older being 61 and eventually it will only be me doing the work. so i made the decision i had to make a change in my life health wise. so i started back exercising again and a friend loaned me the insanity series which was crazy hard on my knee but i managed to complete it and dropped my weight down to 215 in early 2013 but after finishing it i needed a break from the insanity so i took a month off which lead to a few more months off and during that time i was researching nutrition. then i ran across six pack shortcuts and was trying to figure out what the afterburn effect was and when i did a search for what is the afterburn effect i ran across Scoobysworkshop and started reading the info on it. Talk about a eyeopener. While studding the info i picked up the rotovirus i pray you never get roto it sucks. after the roto did its work i had lost some weight from dehydration and basically not eating from lack of hunger. I decided to keep the ball rolling but more controlled by following Scoob'y intermediate workout program and using his calculators to lose no more then 2 lbs per week this was in OCT of 2013 when i decided this change. it was hard at first adjusting to this new way of eating. and also hard with family functions like eating out ect... when 2014 rolled around i needed motivation to keep going and this contest was just the ticket. I was already a member on sweat4heath and little did i know that my life will be changed for ever. After a few months the eating wasn't as bad my taste buds were changing things i hated as a child tasted great i was losing a solid 1-2 lbs per week. i was getting stronger and leaner.There have been weeks and days where i wanted to give up but as i would look at my self and see the small changes that were happening i would tell my self one more day dont give up. so here i am, leaner,stronger,and was able to surpass my goal of losing fat and weighing 180 lbs. the lowest i had gotten was 149 lbs at about 6-5% body fat but in oct i changed my goals to gain muscle and i have a 5 yr plan to strive for my natural max :). this fat loss is only the beginning of the rest of my life to live healthier and to motivate other to do the same. one thing i will say is Never give up. it has taken me 10 years to reach my goal and i believe you can do the same no matter the time frame. and always have faith in your Macros, the time it takes to use scoobys calculator and to calculate your meals for the week mite feel daunting at first but stick with it, it will get easier and eventually you can calculate on the fly ;. this is not a diet its a way of life and once you truly decide to take that first step and not give up you can achieve anything you set your mind to. stay positive and you to can achive what i have, i believe in you

Sterling Lynch

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