Fitness Success Story For John From Wrexham

Primary GoalMuscle Gain
Accomplishment:Was asked to become a pescaterian for 6 weeks and realised my health had improved and the fat loss was i bi-product of clean eating.
Weight255 lbs169 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Moe From Skane

Primary GoalFat Loss
Accomplishment:Just decided to leave healthy and cut junk food and remove alcohol from my life!
Weight92 kgs63 kgs

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Fitness Success Story For Trevor From Alberta

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:I Discovered happiness in the fountain of youth after escaping 20 years of obesity and unhappiness!
Weight208 lbs150 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Thomas From TN

Primary GoalMuscle Gain
Accomplishment:Thanks to scoobysworkshop, I was able to establish a fitness routine in college and dramatically change my body
Weight145 lbs172 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Hammad From Somerset

Primary GoalMuscle Gain
Accomplishment:Hard work, consistency and dedication and using knowledge from people such as Scooby helped me stop being the skinny kid.
Weight57.9 kgs61.8 kgs

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Fitness Success Story For Rick From Devon

Primary GoalMuscle Gain
Accomplishment:Losing fat and gaining muscle. Throughout my 7 years of training switching from fitness to more bodybuilding
Weight200 lbs175 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Lewis From Essex

Primary GoalOther: Gain muscle and lose fat
Accomplishment:I am still at the start of my journey but this 4 months progress really shows hard work pays off.
Weight10.10 stone11 stone

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Fitness Success Story For XercZyzz From Da Li

Primary GoalOther: changing my life
Accomplishment:I never in my entire life thought I could get a six pack because my entire family is over 20% body fat.
Weight222 lbs200 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Pablo From Sonora

Primary GoalOther: Muscle gain and Fat loss
Accomplishment:In the last eight months, my physique has changed drastically, I went from 21% body fat to 12% body fat, going from skinny-fat to strong and lean.
Weight63 kgs59 kgs

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